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Help Us Keep Kids Safe

First and foremost your child's safety is our main concern and responsibility while they are in class and in our building. Please read our SAFETY POLICIES to help us keep your child safe.


You are welcome to leave during your child's class; it is not mandatory for you to remain in the building. However, please have this discussion with your child before class so that they aren't worried if they don't see you. We had a scenario where a child left class to use the bathroom; they did not see their mother and left the building looking for her. The front desk was busy and they did not see the child leave nor did the instructor. The child was safe but the situation was scary and it might have been avoided if the child knew their parent would not be there during the entire class. 


Our office staff have many responsibilities and are not available to watch children that have been dropped off early before class. We also do not have a space available for kids to wait or "hang out." Please do not drop your child off more than 10 minutes before their class begins.


We are not available to care for your child once their class is over. Our staff has a quick turn around time to prepare for their next class so please pick up your child no later than 10 minutes from the time their class is over.


It is Aerials' policy that a child is never alone with an instructor for any reason. Private lessons can only be conducted during our regular scheduled gym time. If you have scheduled a private lesson for your child and the only adult in the gym is the instructor for your private lesson then you are required to stay and watch the entire length of their lesson. If there is another adult in the gym in a position to watch during the lesson you are not obligated to stay but we encourage you to.


Our employees are not allowed any contact with Aerials child members through social media; they are not allowed to friend a child member or accept them as a friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media outlet. Our employees are not allowed to text child members. All communication with your child outside of gym related time must be done through you - their parent.


Click on the link below to learn more about the very serious problem of sexual abuse. Awareness + Action = Prevention. Let's all do our part to keep children safe!

Learn the Facts About Child Sexual Abuse


Girls Gymnastics - We recommend a leotard that covers their stomach (please no two piece out fits for spotting purposes). Tights or shorts are allowed. To be safe don't wear loose jewelry, necklaces, rings or bracelets. If you have long hair tie it back for safety and comfort.

Boys Gymnastics - We recommed shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt. Bare feet are optional. No jewelry. If you have long hair tie it back for safety and comfort.

Parkour - We require the Parkour participants to wear sport shoes for safety and wear attire they feel comfortable in for movement.

My daughter loves her coach and her classes. Theresa K
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We're military so we've been to many gyms. The atmosphere at Aerials is so positive! Morgan J
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I appreciate the amount of teaching that takes place and not just play time. The instructors are really good and it's obvious they love what they do. Laura H
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My daughter is having fun but I've noticed her confidence improve as she learns more tricks. Michelle B
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