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Aerials Fall Festival

Aerials Fall Flip'Lympics

Come dressed in your best Olympic or Team USA gear!


competition Schedule

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

Session 1 Levels 3 & 5
8:00am Open Stretch
8:30am March In
11:00am(ish) Awards

Session 2 Level 4
12:30pm Open Stretch
1:00pm March In
3:30pm(ish) Awards

Session 3 Finals 
6:00pm Open Stretch
6:30pm March In

*The top two finishers on each event will qualify to Finals on Saturday night. Gymnasts may only compete on up to two events in finals, qualifiers to more than two events will get to pick which two they'd like to do.


Adults $5.00       Children (12 to 4) $3.00       Children under 4 are free


Adults $2.00       Children free


We encourage you and your athletes to embrace the Olympic theme and come wearing your best Olympic or Team USA gear.

We will provide a continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all registered coaches.



Pikes Peak Cup

Pikes Peak Cup 2019

All Sessions are FULL as of October 2, ‘18.

If you are registered and want to make changes or want to be on the waitlist email us at

The competition venue is the Broadmoor World Resort

Please visit the Pikes Peak Cup website for more information. 

Cheryl Baits Memorial Classic

March 8-10, 2019


Friday, March 8
Session 1: Diamond - Active Athletics (4), Adrenaline (15), CO Aerials (15), Grand Junction (4), Gym ETC (2), Precizion 509 (4), Premier (4), Stars(6)
            6:20pm – Coaches Meeting
            6:30pm – Open Stretch
            6:45pm – Team Presentation
            6:55pm - Timed Warm Ups
            7:10pm - Meet Begins
 Saturday, March 9
Session 2: Gold - Adrenaline (8), Scale (9), JET Gymnastics (11), Momentum (10), Gym ETC (7), Active Athletics (6), CO Aerials (10), Gym Plus (11)
            7:50am – Coaches Meeting
            8:00am – Open Stretch
            8:15am – Team Presentation
            8:25am - Timed Warm Ups
            8:40am - Meet Begins
Session 3: Gold - Adrenaline (8), Scale (10), JET Gymnastics (10), Momentum (11), Gym ETC (10), Premier (5), Stars (10), Precizion 509 (8)
            12:00pm – Coaches Meeting
            12:10pm – Open Stretch
            12:25pm – Team Presentation
            12:35pm - Timed Warm Ups
            12:50pm - Meet Begins
Session 4: Silver - Adrenaline (18), CO Aerials (24), Gym ETC (8), Gym Plus (12), Premier (13)
            4:15pm – Coaches Meeting
            4:25pm – Open Stretch
            4:35pm – Team Presentation
            4:45pm - Timed Warm Ups
            5:00pm - Meet Begins
Sunday, March 10
Session 5: Bronze - Adrenaline (16), CO Aerials (19), Gym Plus (10), Premier (11)
            7:50am – Coaches Meeting
            8:00am – Open Stretch
            8:15am – Team Presentation
            8:25am - Timed Warm Ups
            8:40am - Meet Begins
Session 6: Platinum/Level 6 - CGI (L6-9), Boulder Flyers (L6-4), Stars (5), Gym ETC (3), Premier (8), Adrenaline (16), Grand Junction (17), Scale (6)
            11:00am – Coaches Meeting
            11:10am – Open Stretch
            11:25am – Team Presentation
            11:35am - Timed Warm Ups
            11:55am - Meet Begins
Session 7: Platinum/Level 8 (CGI (L8-7), Active (L8-4), Precizion 509 (10), JET Gymnastics (10), Momentum (11), CO Aerials (14), Active (7)
            3:40pm – Coaches Meeting
            3:50pm – Open Stretch
            4:05pm – Team Presentation
            4:15pm - Timed Warm Ups
            4:35pm - Meet Begins

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My daughter loves her coach and her classes. Theresa K
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We're military so we've been to many gyms. The atmosphere at Aerials is so positive! Morgan J
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I appreciate the amount of teaching that takes place and not just play time. The instructors are really good and it's obvious they love what they do. Laura H
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My daughter is having fun but I've noticed her confidence improve as she learns more tricks. Michelle B
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