Tom & Lori Forster

3536 Hartsel Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


We are in the King Soopers shopping center at the corner of Lexington and Woodmen Road.

North Gym

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Aerials Gymnastics began in 1983 from the inspiration of Tom and Lori Forster. Both Tom and Lori graduated from Mitchell High School as gymnasts. Lori went on to the University of Northern Colorado and Tom went to Penn State on a gymnastics scholarship. They reconnected during their college years and got married in 1980. They moved back to Colorado Springs and through a series of events had the opportunity to start their own gymnastics club, thus, Aerials was started.

Tom and Lori’s first gym was a small warehouse near Doherty High School with 30 students. Their inspiring instruction quickly caught on and the club grew each year. Due to the growth of their program they moved facilities four times before finally building their dream gym (North gym) in Briargate in 1999.

Over the years more Aerials locations were opened in various parts of Colorado Springs to make gymnastics available to more children. Their goal has always been to motivate children to have an enthusiasm for physical activity that will remain for life. For the children that decide to compete in gymnastics, Aerials is committed to have a program that can handle every level of gymnast from novice to Olympic hopeful. They have accomplished this and in 1996 they had two gymnasts in the Olympic Trials, Theresa Kuli- kowski and Kristy Powell. Theresa was the 1996 Olympic alternate! Today Aerials Gymnastics is widely considered to be among the best gymnastics programs in America. Tom has served on many state and national committees including the board of directors for USA Gymnastics, and has been an active lecturer teaching coaches and business owners for many years in the United States, Canada, and Australia.