Colorado Aerials Announcements

New mask policy

Aerials is open for classes with specific safety precautions in place.

Due to the Governor's recent order mandating statewide mask-wearing by everyone 11 years and older we must implement a new mask policy at Aerials immediately:

Aerials Mask Policy as of July 19

  • Everyone, 11 years and older, must wear a mask entering and exiting the building.
  • Everyone that is not exercising must wear a mask at all times within the building unless you are in a room by yourself.
  • Children 11+ must wear a mask of some type covering their mouth during the open stretch time. We are eliminating any running or jumping jacks during the stretch to reduce the possibility of overheating. It was suggested to put your child’s mask in a ziplock baggie or something similar so that they are able to keep it as clean as possible when they aren’t using it and putting it in their main backpack/bag of other items.

When doing gymnastics/parkour:

  • Children have the option to wear a mask of some type while doing gymnastics/parkour but we will not mandate it as masks could pose danger issues when doing the type of movement we do.

When not doing gymnastics/parkour:

  • When waiting your turn or using the bathroom wearing a mask is optional unless you are within 6 feet of another person.

Mask Challenges

  • Between the hospital style mask and the gator we believe there are pros and cons to both. Unless a mask fits tightly and perfectly it would be impossible for it not to get in the way when going upside down, bouncing, jumping, flipping or twisting. This could pose a danger to the athlete.
  • Keeping a mask on too long reduces the amount of fresh air muscles need to work properly.
  • Keeping your mouth and nose covered for extended time in a hot environment poses possible overheating scenarios. There are gators that are designed to cool so that could be something to investigate.

Social Distance

  • It is imperative we maintain the appropriate distance from one another whenever possible. Parents you can help us enforce this by telling your child(ren) it is necessary.
  • Our instructors are wearing masks at all times and using hand sanitizer between rotations so they can safely spot the students in their class when necessary.

Cleaning and Hand Sanitizer

  • We have hand sanitizer at various stations in the gym but please provide hand sanitizer for your child as well to help keep the social distance. We would like all the gymnasts to use hand sanitizer after completing each rotation and before getting on the next event.
  • Our coaches will continue to clean the equipment between event rotations.

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My daughter loves her coach and her classes. Theresa K
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We're military so we've been to many gyms. The atmosphere at Aerials is so positive! Morgan J
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I appreciate the amount of teaching that takes place and not just play time. The instructors are really good and it's obvious they love what they do. Laura H
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My daughter is having fun but I've noticed her confidence improve as she learns more tricks. Michelle B
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