Colorado Aerials Announcements

Reopening classes June 3

We are reopening for classes on Wednesday,  June 3 with specific safety precautions in place.

1. Members enrolled for Session 5 come to their same class and time. Please contact us at if you want to wait to begin classes in July as opposed to June.

2. Students must ENTER the front of the gym but EXIT the rear of the gym on the north side by the big garage door. *Classes will be 55 minutes giving us more time to clean between classes. 

3. The drinking fountains will be off limits so bring a water bottle. Children can carry their water bottle with them from event to event.

3. The cubbies will be off limits due to social distance recommendations so children should come dressed for class. There will be a place for their shoes in the gym.

4. PARENTS - we will not prevent you from watching class, however, be aware we cannot provide enough social distance if all parents want to stay. We do not have the staff to monitor adults staying to watch so we are hoping everyone will be respectful and keep their distance or drop off and pick up.

5. Instructors will be wearing masks.

6. Please help us by informing your children about keeping six feet apart from others as much as possible when in the building and during class. We will have marks at each event but this is the most difficult for children to comply with. 

Email us your questions at

My daughter loves her coach and her classes. Theresa K
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We're military so we've been to many gyms. The atmosphere at Aerials is so positive! Morgan J
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I appreciate the amount of teaching that takes place and not just play time. The instructors are really good and it's obvious they love what they do. Laura H
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My daughter is having fun but I've noticed her confidence improve as she learns more tricks. Michelle B
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